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Introduction / Excuse for the Trip

After five years of teaching English at universities and schools in China, we’ve decided to embark on a special trip: one that is entirely planned by others. What started as a late-night discussion over a bowl of noodles took us on a trip across the length of China.

With only the starting and ending points decided, and a time limit of just 30 days (July 29 to August 27, 2010), The Great China Quest is the story of our journey to cover the 2,000 miles from Urumqi to Guangzhou (without flying) while attempting to tackle 15 scavenger-hunt challenges that our Chinese students have dared us to complete (see The Rules).

The challenges were a means to travel and interact with local Chinese people in various walks of life. We’re now working on a book about our trip.

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Adrian and Albert

Recent Blog Entries:

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  • Adrian on the Radio
    Last semester (ok, so we’re running a little behind on the blog here!) in the wake of our trip, Adrian was invited to appear on the English-language talk show Tuesday Dessert (“yummy!”) on our Peizhen …
  • TV Broadcast of the Obstacle Course Show
    On Tuesday night (September 7) of last week we invited some friends to Albert’s apartment and gathered round his television. At 7.30pm the familiar sight of Hunan TV’s obstacle course show started and …
  • Challenge 15: FAILED!
    Challenge 15: Find a Chinese girl taller than Albert and take a picture with her. Despite this being one of the students’ favorite challenges for us, we always expected to fail especially since, in ou …
  • Chinglish Bonus 3
    One last batch of signs we’ve seen on our trip. We’ve circled the mathematically astounding part of the second sign. (Click on them to see the full image. Click a second time to zoom in.)
  • Challenge 14: ACCOMPLISHED!
    Map updated! Challenge 14: Appear on National TV. Hunan province is famous for Chairman Mao’s hometown…and a TV show aired all over China where contestants tackle an obstacle course and almost always …