Business Cards and Last Minute Preparations

Posted by Albert on July 25, 2010 under Planning | 6 Comments to Read

We’re leaving soon and for the first time in our lives Adrian and I have business cards. Here’s the front:

Here’s the hanzi, pinyin, and English translation:

《A計畫》- traditional characters, therefore more “artistic” and “cool”

A jì huà

Plan A


Liǎ lǎowài Zhōngguó xíng

Two foreigners China trip


yì běn jièshào Zhōngguó wénhuà, shēnghuó, fēngsú

A book introducing Chinese culture, life, and customs

The back has our Chinese names which are:

  • 安冬 Ān Dōng = Adrian [literally “peaceful winter” – Don’t laugh, I had to have a Chinese name and somehow I ended up with this!]
  • 奥博特 Ào Bótè = Albert [no real meaning, just sounds as close as I can get to my English name]

We’ve still got some packing to do, but we’ve each got new compasses and an English map (as pictured on the front page). What else could we need…?

The next time you’ll hear from us, we’ll be in Xinjiang province. It’s right up in China’s remote north west and borders 9 different countries including Afghanistan, Mongolia, Pakistan and Russia. We’re expecting it to be quite different from where we are now and hopefully not quite as hot! We’ll let you know soon.

6 Comments on “Business Cards and Last Minute Preparations”

  • Ana said,

    Wow,what a tantalizing plan A!!
    Wish Albert and Adrian a happy and safe journey.
    BTW,will you publish a book recording the journey?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Jul 26, 2010

  • Jeannie said,

    Wow…I’m excited for you! Looking forward to your next post.

    Jul 26, 2010

  • Cheney said,

    Hey man,sounds a wonderful trip.BTW,after u get there,will u walk directly to other countries or ?

    Jul 27, 2010

  • Marie said,

    We want to know how you’re doing! Did you make it to Urumqi? Where are you staying? What amazing or boring things have happened since you left Peizheng?

    Jul 28, 2010

  • elaine said,

    If you end up having to milk a yak, I’m glad you’ve had some practice with Billy the goat in Ibiza!

    Jul 28, 2010

  • Lara said,

    wow~How fanciating~ your ideas are so unique. good luck to both of you~ wish both of you have an unforgetable journey in xinjiang, china~

    Jul 29, 2010

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