Adrian on the Radio

Posted by Albert on March 26, 2011 under Aftermath | Be the First to Comment

Last semester (ok, so we’re running a little behind on the blog here!) in the wake of our trip, Adrian was invited to appear on the English-language talk show Tuesday Dessert (“yummy!”) on our Peizheng College radio station. The hostess, whose English name is Blueberry (even off the air) interviewed him about various aspects of the recently-completed Quest.

  Adrian on the radio (download) (2,157 hits)

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You can skip to 2:00 if you want to get past the suspenseful intro.

In addition to some very dramatic background music swells, in this radio show you’ll hear the following tidbits:

  • Adrian and Albert referred to as “The Double A” (2:50)
  • Albert repeatedly referred to as Adrian’s “partner” (the Chinese don’t know the other connotations that go with that word nowadays)
  • Adrian saying the only reason he wanted Albert to come was to be his personal translator (4:40)
  • Blueberry insinuating that we embezzled money from our charity street performing (10:50)
  • Blueberry getting the name of the “quite famous” TV show wrong. She said we were on Yǒng zhě zǒng dòng yuán 勇者总动员 which is another TV station’s obstacle course show, but we were actually on Zhì yǒng dà chōng guān 智勇大冲关 – click here to watch (12:50)
  • Adrian’s shocking admission that he “first left home” in 1998 (18:20) when we was seven years old (19:30)
  • Adrian blaming Albert’s busy schedule for our lack of progress on the book (21:40)
  • Blueberry admitting the only reason she invited Adrian on the show was to get a free book (22:00)
  • (We cut out the song from “Vampire Diaries”, just so you know what that little non sequitur was if you listened to Blueberry’s Chinese spiel at the end)

But seriously folks, we actually have started writing the book and we’re going to submit the book proposal to some publishers before the end of this semester. We’ll continue posting any updates about the book on this blog.