Challenge 5: ACCOMPLISHED!

Posted by Adrian on August 7, 2010 under Challenges | 6 Comments to Read

Map updated!

With the disappointment of failing our first challenge (Challenge 4: Catch a fish) still in our thoughts, we decided to spend a few more days in Qinghai province and attempt our next challenge:

Challenge 5: Experience the life of a monk.

On our way to try and fish at Qinghai Lake, we’d chatted on the bus to a university student who called himself “Goat 5”. He’d very kindly invited us to his hometown – a small, remote town high in the mountains on the Tibetan plateau – so we gave him a call. He’d told us he could arrange for us to spend time at a Tibetan monestary near his home.

What followed is sure to be one of the most special memories of our trip. We spent a night with the monks 4000m up near the Yellow River. We learnt about their largely isolated lives and observed their rituals. These included waking up at 5am to chant prayers, playing drums and horns and visiting a local family who had recently suffered a bereavement.

Due to some sensitive political issues that we discussed with the monks, we have agreed not to reveal their identities or location so we’ve been limited in the pictures we have been able to use. Sorry about this but we hope you’re imaginations can fill in the gaps.


Tibetan prayer flags


Video 1: Monks chanting and playing a horn at 5:00 AM (pitch dark)

Video 2: Monks still chanting at 7:00 AM

6 Comments on “Challenge 5: ACCOMPLISHED!”

  • Kellie said,

    how neat that you got to experience their life for a day. So many of us see them and wonder what their life may be like. Can’t wait to talk to you and hear all about it.

    Aug 7, 2010

  • liangzhen said,

    maybe it’s an interesting travel.look forward your further information

    Aug 7, 2010

  • Cheney said,

    I’m wondering what’s the difference between the god-father in the US n monk in China?

    Aug 7, 2010

  • Ana said,

    Do chant prayers a quotidian routine for monks or it just simply played when a family suffers bereavement?
    Is chanting prayers,the ritual,the same as that in churches in western countries?

    Aug 8, 2010

  • Adrian said,

    Ana, in answer to your question, the monks chant their prayers everyday. It’s a really an amazing sight.

    Aug 9, 2010

  • Belinda said,

    “These included waking up at 5am to chant prayers, playing drums and horns and visiting a local family who had recently suffered a bereavement.”
    you mean you join the monks to chant for the one who died? Amazing! you must really experience the ritual custom of the chinese, and i think that local family are really surprised to see both of you, isn’t it?

    Mar 9, 2011

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